An exploration of alternative brain states induced by sound.

The PSYCHOACTIVE project is a new experiment with sound as a medium for the exploration of our human consciousness. In partnership with the Monroe Institute, one of the longest-standing research organizations dedicated to the study of the esoteric edges of what is possible through the use of brainwave entrainment technologies, Silvermouse is breaking new ground by exploring gamma stimulation as a mode of reaching ecstatic states in a live sound (no headphones required) setting.

While binaural beats and other entrainment technologies have typically only been used with ‘meditation music’ and have required the use of headphones, Monroe Sound Science is now enabling experimentation in live shows.

This merges so many of our interests as a band - the power of sound, the exploration of consciousness, the creation of ‘high state’ gatherings. While the initial ‘signal tests’ are happening in small groups so that we can gather closed-loop data and ensure the best experience when we take this to bigger audiences, we are going to be making recordings available as we work. Public releases are listed below.

We are currently booking tours for summer (UK) and fall (US Northeast) of 2022 and spring (TBD) of 2023. We are also looking for individuals and groups that may want to host us at non-traditional venues (i.e. yoga studios, art galleries, psychedelic societies, event house parties or the right group of people.)

On top of that, we are looking for people interested in helping us test signal mixes - this is a brand new scientific endeavor and data is sparse. We are doing signal tests online (you are provided audio and instructions, and then asked to fill out a form with feedback about your experience) and obviously also in live shows. If you can see yourself getting involved in any of these things, click on the button below and let us know!

Get Involved in Signal Testing

Some of these recordings are also rendered using Dolby Atmos, a 3-D sound technology that lets us create immersive audio experiences. For those files, we are currently rendering to a binaural format since most people don’t own Atmos-enabled surround sound systems. They will sound better on headphones, but should render some spatial perception and create the intended effect on any standard stereo systems.

Recordings below contain pulsing beats and other entrainment signals. If you have a history of epilepsy or heart arrhythmia you should consult a doctor before listening.

Experiment #3: Release Date February 2nd, 2023


Tripgnosis is a blend of subtle and sneaking beats and floating mandolin that creates a powerful dreamscape when combined with the signals.For this release we tuned the signals to the frequency of the moon - something we've been doing quite a bit at our local Full Moon shows in Rincon. Obviously we are playing at relatively high octaves, as the frequency of the moon spans 28 days.We returned to a deep theta signal on this track, as it seemed to induce the floating, dreamy state that was already invoked by the music. We ran a brief study and found that over 50% of the people who listened to this track experienced a shift in their perception of time, and 20% of people who listened in closed eye meditation reported that they felt they were perceiving non-local events (i.e. seeing or hearing things that were not in the room, as in a waking dreamstate).Click Here for Streaming Links on All Major Platforms.


Experiment #2: Release Date May 27th, 2022

Beyond the Dream Drum

Beyond the Dream Drum is our second experiment with entrainment in recorded music. It is also our first track that has 3-D audio elements made possible by Dolby Atmos. Interestingly, it is also one of only two tracks we've ever released that was done 'in the studio' and not recorded live - the first being 'Hunger' in 2007.There is a lot of talk about 432 Hz music (which this is not) and one of the myths is that 432 Hz is the resonance of the earth. This is not true. The earth does emit measurable electromagnetic oscillations called the "Schumann resonance". One of them currently resonates at an average of 7.83Hz.Due to our live experiment which included theta signals making people feel 'heavy in their bodies', this track is a range of alpha to beta frequencies that start at 7.83Hz and work up through the harmonics of the Schumann resonance with the intention of simultaneously creating elevated states and a deep rooting connection to our planet.Click Here for Streaming Links on All Major Platforms.

Beyond the Dream Drum

Experiment #1: Released February 25th, 2022

Imagining Revisited

Our first experiment in this vein is with our recent single, Imagining. Inspired after an evening talking with Joseph McMoneagle about remote viewing, and a discussion about how when people are able to measure out of body experiences and psychic phenomenon with real time EEG they often find that during the peak experiences brain activity actually drops to almost zero.The obvious thought that came to mind was, 'Can we make brainwave activity drop to zero'? The challenge in this is that brainwave entrainment uses pulses. A zero pulse would be... nothing at all. In standard audio entrainment, a .01 hz pulse would be one signal every two minutes - a pattern so slow it is likely the brain wouldn't pick up on it at all - i.e. in this 7 minute song you'd only get three full signal sweeps.For this track, we have a spread of theta, alpha, and beta signals, and have also experimentally duplicated and separated two versions of the same track from each other at a .01 hz frequency. While the standard signal set will work through speakers, the track separation is best experienced on headphones.Click Here for Streaming Links on All Major Platforms.

Imagining Revisited


Reviews of Singles from the Psychoactive Project

"The track stands as a testament to the duo's ability to craft beautiful, immersive sound worlds that resonate deeply with fans and new listeners alike."
- Moon Phase Radio
" This fusion aims to induce a meditative dream-like state while awake, immersing listeners in an exploration of heightened awareness integrated into the music itself. Silvermouse is the first band to do this in a live performance."
- Exron Music
"Vibrant and otherworldly...the trippy electronic music will sweep you away on a sonic escape."
- ElectroWow
"...a transcendent sonic journey that fuses diverse musical influences and immersive and mind-altering sonic experience that is a truly psychoactive force...Silvermouse reinvents the possibilities of musical expression."
- Nenes Butler
"...You feel as one with the track, almost sucking you into a dreamlike state. Once the track fully becomes alive with the percussion, it's then you're hit in the face with the realisation that you're deep within the belly of "Tripgnosis""
- It's All Indie
"The instrumental soundscape for "Tripgnosis" has a labyrinthine atmosphere. Its melodies have the power to enrapture you for hours. The entire performance is a work of art, an audio tapestry that appeals to one's inner spiritual self."
- Dulaxi
"“Tripgnosis” is progressive rock music at its finest! "
- Illustrate Magazine
"It’s tough to avoid losing yourself in the music because of how rich and deep the audio is. The meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each layer of the music and the amazing fusion of organic and computerized sounds are evident throughout. It’s confirmation of Silvermouse’s musical prowess and their capacity to push the envelope of what’s conceivable in the music industry."
- Saiid Zeidan
"The song takes you on a gradual trip into the void. It’s slow, and builds intensity with each second and with every introduction of new sound effects, leaving us with a beautiful and large palette of different sounds."
- Sistra
"Their tracks are a separate page in the recent history of experimental music."
- Indie Dock
""Tripgnosis" promises to take you to other dimensions, a track that is creative and has all the lightness in the world, to infect you."
- Indie O'Clock
"A hint of darkness, soft instruments, a lot of calm and a pinch of eccentricity."
- Info Music France
"Immersing us with a meditative frequency crescendo and nuanced mandolin sound design, we are also fully in awe of the cosmic and astral soundscape that Silvermouse create with Tripgnosis."
"The complete show is a work of art, a tapestry of sound that connects to the spiritual self."
- TJPL News
"Weaving their innovative, trippy sound, they lay down a mesmeric sonic landscape that transports you to another world."
- Plastic Mag
"The band’s years of experience creating captivating psychedelic soundscapes and performing live is glaringly apparent in this mystically hypnotic track."
- Illustrate Magazine
"Synthesizers are used covertly and in great abundance, creating a sudden sensory dialogue with the violin and recorder that utterly entraps us."
- Motion News Italy
"We are transported to a dream environment, something really psychedelic, a place full of lights, a place that each one has in their imagination and the track leads us to access it, it's an incredible experience."
- Indie O'Clock
"Whilst the soundscape evolves to deliver a psychedelic and transcendental energy, It feels like we have been teleported to an ancient civilisation fused with elements of avant-garde techno futurism."
"EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We took a little time out to fire in some quick questions and get to know a little more about this exhilarating act, and their latest release out on all your favourite platforms."
- Electric Mode
"Filled with pulsating rhythms and swirling textures and sounds, “Imagining Revisited” is an intriguing new release from this hugely talented duo, and could prove to be a reset moment for the electronic music scene."
- Conscious Electronic