Earthadelik is Here!

Earthadelik spans a period of seven years of landscapes and elements ranging from high desert mountains and mesas; English fields and hedgerows; desert island blissful blues; and lush jungle that vibrates at night.

Recorded live at our little Finca on March 16th, surrounded by friends, the album captures the essence of life and love.  

The album will be rolling out on various digital platforms over the next couple of weeks, and physical copies will hit the stores around the beginning of May.  While we appreciate your support by listening through paid services or buying discs, more than anything we want you to listen.  So…

…Off-Kilter beats and psychedelia… that will keep you guessing…
wondering how music can be this good and why you didn’t know about silvermouse sooner.

Alex De Vore, Santa Fe Reporter

These are some righteous guys… outrageously cool…. I dig their philosophy and respect the proficiency with which they make their music.The Grouchy Gaijin

Spacey, exotic musical flavors. If the music finds your groove; the psychedelic, trance-inducing sound will have you dancing.

Mike Spain

CWs Place

A folky middle-eastern techno blend… a brilliant double act… trippy whirlwind.

Anastasia Aboim

It reminded me of why I dance all night, meeting strangers without words, without ego, letting the euphoric electronic sounds control my emotions.

Eddie Bammeke - Producer UK