Our latest work, incorporating experimental brainwave entrainment technologies and 3D soundscapes to create beautiful audio spaces for your inner journeys.

Singles & Live Sets

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    Beyond the Dream Drum feat. Carlos Vivanco

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    Beyond the Dream Drum

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    Live at La Primavera


In the Press

Reviews of our work
"Their psychedelic sounds and live electronics just have us hooked. Silvermouse create a sound that is not only refreshing but also amazing."
- The Music Asylum
"A truly heady livetronica experience. The duo ... venture through a stimulating 73 minutes of atmospheric aesthetical intrigue on the riveting album, spanning from spacey electronic contemplation ... to pulsing, guitar-touched industrial infectiousness..."
- Obscure Sound
"Built on an abstract yet relatable stream of sonic goodness, the album blends the last 50 years of music history into a fresh and innovative package, fusing electronica and live instruments with charm and intensity."
- Mesmerized
"You need to feel as much as hear each sound emanated. You only find magic like this in special works such as these."
- Roadie Music

The Beyond Tour

Bringing Psychoactive Live Music to the World in 2024

We are now booking through Summer 2024. Tour dates will be released as they become available. If you want get notified when they drop, just click here to give us your contact info.

You can view our previous shows here.