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Earthadelik, recorded in 2018, is Silvermouse’s third album, and a departure into yet further cosmic magnitudes.

Earthadelik spanned a five year period. We had the name, the set list, and even the beautiful album artwork done by Andy Thomas ready to go right after our release of Space Country in 2012. At that point, our workflow had been to tour the material, and at the end of tour decide on the order of tracks for the album and record it live.

The tour that should have been Earthadlik happened over the summer of 2013. We partnered with Hortisculptures to play at their installation at a whole set of festivals across the UK. They had a very cool setup where they build water ponds and gardens at festivals and hung pods over the ponds that you could climb into and hang out and listen to music. We would play once or twice a day for the folks in the pods.

Hortisculptures hanging gardens festival installation
Hortisculptures hanging gardens festival installation

We had decided to move to Puerto Rico, and before the summer tour we packed up our lives in New Mexico and took all our worldly possessions with us to England. We bought an old VW van and named it Wilbert. Wilbert was a great companion, and saw us through the festival season. But after tour was over, we pulled in to Jo's parents driveway one day and something went wrong.

Wilbert burning
Wilbert Burning

Luckily, the day before Justin had unloaded all of our instruments, so we kept those. But otherwise, we lost all of our clothes, computers, phones, kids toys. It was a hot mess. A few days later we flew to Puerto Rico. Life happened. We raised kids. We struggled with remote work and ended up living in a tent for six months (which Jo wrote about beautifully on

We moved to the mainland, raised kids, and survived Hurricane Maria. In the months after Maria without power and water, we connected deeply with our land, and realized that the vision of Earthadelik and the vibration of Andy's amazing artwork had now become our lives and our home.

Silvermouse's home at Finca Maravilla in Aguada, PR
Silvermouse's home at Finca Maravilla in Aguada, PR

A year after Maria, as life started to return to normal, we hosted a weekend campout at the farm and finally, after five years of life and brewing, recorded Earthadelik.

Reviews of 'Earthadelik'

"Earthadelik blossoms like a flower in slow motion, and even if it takes a couple of dedicated listens to fully-appreciate the indulgences it melds together so beautifully, I think that every serious indie electronica fan should take a close look at what Silvermouse have just dished out for us in their latest release."
Scott Carlito -
"…Although it isn’t the first time this Puerto Rican electronica unit have dazzled with their sonic showmanship, this latest release definitely sounds like the future of their genre laid out across ten vibrant tracks."
Sebastian Cole -
"…Much like the whole of Earthadelik, [the] grandiosity is essential to understanding what makes Silvermouse the fetching pair of musicians they are. They don’t play by the rules, and they’re reaping the rewards for it here."
Nicole Killian -
"Earthadelik forces us to examine components of tonality and harmony that we would normally ignore in a conventional pop release, and if this doesn’t make it one of the most unique LPs to come out of the underground this November, I don’t know what else could. I’ve never been the biggest fan of electronica, but with a record as accessible and hypnotic as this one is, the music is just too good to pass up."
Loren Sperry -
"although it's an intimidating listen with ten suite-like songs, Silvermouse's latest LP is one that I would tell audiences to give themselves over to when examining its tracklist. This record requires a lot of focus to completely understand, but for those of us who live for supremely complex music set to a danceable groove, it doesn't get much better than an album like Earthadelik."
Anne Hollister - The Indie Source
"…Meditative and entrancing music that sounds best on the dance floor. It also should be turned up loud to where you can feel the frequencies of the music travel through your body. Oh and that sub bass needs to be felt as well. This is an album that hits the heart of rave culture. There is no denying that."
Dan Weston - Divide and Conquer Music
"Driven by intense rhythms and organic, world-inspired instrumentation in such distinct genres as experimental, electro-acoustic, psychedelic and trance, ‘Earthadelik’ is a invigoratingly original and brilliantly satisfying new album from a band that deserves to be celebrated."
Karen Benardello -
"Earthadelik is an album on mission. From the top, the album offers a mysterious and ambient vibe. It also introduces the dark and washed-out guitars, whose riffs will serve as a constant dynamic element throughout the album. If taken as a whole, Earthadelik evokes a feeling of growth."
Thorne Stone -
"Our Big Blue Marble now has a defining Soundtrack, one that pulse and beats with the life blood of this world…Earthadelik is the vision of the worlds music of the future, the blend of the anatomical and the autotomical, the natural and supernatural, a divine evolution of sound…I feel Silvermouse has truly tapped into the Universal Mind."
Joseph Timmons - Indie Pulse Music
"…There’s very little else to compare this with right now, and yet even with that – where most artists will reach for originality, and come out lacking substance or appeal – the sound just fits. It works, it energizes, it allows you to escape – whatever you need from it, this is music production with an undeniably creative depth; composition with intention, professionalism, and a respectable lack of concern for what others are doing on the scene. Brilliant. A pleasure to lose yourself in for a while."
Rebecca Cullen - Stereo StickMan