Harmonizing with Blue: From Color to Consciousness

Harmonizing with Blue: From Color to Consciousness

Blue has often been celebrated in art, literature, and culture for its profound depths and mystic connotations. Its essence, spanning from the azure skies to the vast oceans, has been a symbol of the infinite, the divine, and the tranquil. But what if we could capture the very frequency of blue and resonate with its rhythm on a neural level? Let's delve deep into this exploration, translating the wavelength of blue into a symphony of brainwaves.

The Frequency of Blue

To bridge the realms of visible light and neural oscillations, we start with the electromagnetic spectrum. The color blue typically resonates at a wavelength of around 470 nanometers (nm). Using the equation that relates the speed of light (c), its frequency (f), and wavelength (λ):

\[ f = \frac{c}{\lambda} \]\[For ( λ = 470 ) nm:\]\[ f = \frac{3 \times 10^{17} \text{ nm/s}}{470 \text{ nm}} \]\[ f \approx 6.38 \times 10^{14} \text{ Hz} \]

This initial frequency is incredibly high, far beyond the realm of human auditory perception. However, by dividing it through octaves (halving the frequency repeatedly), we can tune it down to the range of brainwave frequencies.

Starting from \( f = 6.38 \times 10^{14} \text{ Hz} \) and halving it successively, we arrive at:

  • \( \frac{f}{2^{44}} \) = 36.3 Hz
  • \( \frac{f}{2^{45}} \) = 18.15 Hz
  • \( \frac{f}{2^{46}} \) = 9.075 Hz
  • \( \frac{f}{2^{47}} \) = 4.5375 Hz

Brainwave Resonance

The above frequencies correspond to different states of human consciousness. We are going to take the 44th, 46th, and 47th octaves and use them to create a brainwave entrainment signal. The 45th octave - around 18Hz - sits squarely in the middle of our normal waking state of alertness. Normally if we are awake and listening to music, there is no need to further stimulate that area.

Past the 47th Octave we get into very low frequency signals associated with sleep and that don't always go well in live performance, making people feel sleepy and 'heavy'. So, the three that fall into the range of useful entrainment for our purposes are:

  1. 36.3 Hz (Beta-Gamma Boundary): This frequency is on the higher end of the Beta range, approaching Gamma. Beta frequencies are often associated with active, analytical thought, problem-solving, and concentration. The higher end can sometimes be linked with heightened alertness, enhanced perception, and even mystical experiences..
  2. 9.075 Hz (Alpha): This is in the Alpha range, a frequency associated with relaxation, calmness, creative flow states, and a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. Meditation and light trance states often resonate here.
  3. 4.5375 Hz (Theta): Theta is the realm of deep meditation, the source of creativity, intuition, and the threshold of our subconscious. It's where we drift off into daydreams and where deep insights can emerge.

Blue: A Mystical Resonance

Blue is the color of the 5th - throat - chakra. The throat chakra relates to our authentic expression, our voice (literally and figuratively), how we speak our truth, how we listen to the truths and words of others, how we communicate our hearts to the world, and our purpose.

Historically, blue has always carried profound symbolic meanings. In many cultures, it's seen as the color of the heavens, representing divinity, depth, and infinity. In ancient Egypt, blue was a symbol of the sky and the universe, associated with divinity and the afterlife. In medieval times, the Virgin Mary was often depicted wearing blue, symbolizing truth and clarity. The spiritual and calming nature of blue, combined with these derived brainwave frequencies, can be seen as a harmonization of our neural patterns with the vastness and mystery of the universe.

For Silvermouse, blue has also long represented the name of a friend. We bring this blue light signal set into the recording of our album 'Beyond', dedicating this work to Dr. Blue, who passed this autumn. A true wizard, a community cornerstone of a wide and rainbow tribe with its heart in the New Mexican desert, and one of the earliest and most consistent supporters of our music over the years, Blue - this one is for you.

Dr. Blue


By translating the frequency of blue into the realm of brainwaves, we're harmonizing the tangible and intangible: science and magic. This bridge allows us to not only witness the deep connections between color and consciousness but also potentially use this experience to sync our neural rhythms with the clarifying and healing mysteries of blue light.