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Label: Self-Produced

Genre: Psy-Folktronica / Earth Trance

Hometown: Aguada, Puerto Rico

Influences: Phish, Carl Cox, The Orb, Queen, Hassan Hakmoun

Sounds Like: Shpongle, Beats Antique, Eoto

In the Press

“Our Big Blue Marble now has a defining Soundtrack, one that pulse and beats with the life blood of this world…Earthadelik is the vision of the worlds music of the future, the blend of the anatomical and the autotomical, the natural and supernatural, a divine evolution of sound…I feel Silvermouse has truly tapped into the Universal Mind.”
– Indie Pulse Music

“…There’s very little else to compare this with right now, and yet even with that – where most artists will reach for originality, and come out lacking substance or appeal – the sound just fits. It works, it energizes, it allows you to escape – whatever you need from it, this is music production with an undeniably creative depth; composition with intention, professionalism, and a respectable lack of concern for what others are doing on the scene. Brilliant. A pleasure to lose yourself in for a while.”
– Stereo StickMan

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Joanne Hunt grew up in the rave scene in England in the 90s and early 2000s, and spent most of her twenties traveling.  Justin Handley is a lifelong musician who has been playing violin since he was three, and guitar since his early teens (as well as other instruments).  They met while training at an experimental theatre in Western Massachusetts. 

A year later in an old train depot in a ghost town in New Mexico (The Circus House), after a road trip to Los Angeles where they got married, Jo learned to produce her own beats, Justin picked up an instrument, and Silvermouse was born. 

Starting with small shows in the Santa Fe art gallery scene, and playing independent festivals in the desert, Silvermouse grew quickly after getting booked at The Glade Festival in 2009.  They bought a bus (Stella) and toured the West Coast of the US, put in an appearance at Burning Man, and spent their summers playing festivals in England for a few years.

In the middle of a move from New Mexico to Puerto Rico, their tour van in England caught fire and most of their worldly possessions went up in smoke. 

Since moving to Puerto Rico, Silvermouse has been working on their latest album “Earthadelik” while establishing a small, working farm in the west of the island, raising their two children, and setting up a non-profit to help provide a farm-school experience for kids in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.  

Silvermouse is putting the finishing touches on Earthadelik and is looking to hit the road in Puerto Rico (September to December 2018) and beyond (in 2019). 

They just released a live recording of their most recent show at La Primavera Surf Festival in Rincon, PR which is a glimpse of some of the new material they have been working on.

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