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Label: Self-Produced

Genre: Psy-Folktronica / Earth Trance

Hometown: Aguada, Puerto Rico

Influences: Phish, Carl Cox, The Orb, Queen, Hassan Hakmoun

Sounds Like: Shpongle, Beats Antique, Eoto

In the Press

“Our Big Blue Marble now has a defining Soundtrack, one that pulse and beats with the life blood of this world…Earthadelik is the vision of the worlds music of the future, the blend of the anatomical and the autotomical, the natural and supernatural, a divine evolution of sound…I feel Silvermouse has truly tapped into the Universal Mind.”
– Indie Pulse Music

“…There’s very little else to compare this with right now, and yet even with that – where most artists will reach for originality, and come out lacking substance or appeal – the sound just fits. It works, it energizes, it allows you to escape – whatever you need from it, this is music production with an undeniably creative depth; composition with intention, professionalism, and a respectable lack of concern for what others are doing on the scene. Brilliant. A pleasure to lose yourself in for a while.”
– Stereo StickMan

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Silvermouse has been playing underground parties and festivals for the past 12 years, contributing to the growing psychedelic scene in Puerto Rico (where they have been living on their small permaculture farm for the past 6 years). Silvermouse is a staple artistic ally of the underground psychedelic tribes of New Mexico, where they lived formerly and continue to tour and nourish roots, and spends summers in the UK and Europe touring and exploring the magic of smaller, non-corporate festivals, parties and events.

Silvermouse is a duo – partners Jo and Justin – she hailing from the UK and he from the northeast US. Silvermouse is the weaving together of their many influences and styles, creating a sound that is captivating, psychedelic and transcendental; beats to dance to and melodies that take flight: a culminating sound that is greater than the sum of its parts and a world unto itself. Jo is the beats, Justin the instrumentals.

Silvermouse released their third album, Earthadelik, in 2019, receiving critical acclaim from the indie electronica press. Earthadelik was recorded live at the farm, among friends, outside, under the trees and stars. They continue to create, immersed in their long-form improvisational process, and are currently working on their fourth album. 

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