One Year of Psychoactive Music - Earthship PR

One Year of Psychoactive Music - Earthship PR

March 24, 2023 at 8:00 pm - 12:00 pm AST

Earthship Puerto Rico

Carr 2 Km 137.6

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Silvermouse's return to the Earthship a year (and a few days) after the first Signal Test is where music meets science meets consciousness. Get ready for an immersive night of Silvermouse's trademark sound supported by a brand new experimental signal set in an extraordinary soundscape that immerses listeners in a totally new sonic atmosphere.

Just days over year from when we first debuted live shows with psychoactive signals at the Earthship on March 18, 2022, we are excited to return and see how far things have come.

Learn more about brainwave entrainment in live music.

If you weren't at the first earthship show, you can see an excerpt here:

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