8 tracks·73 minutes


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Snake Grass

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Brew 42

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Reviews of 'Beyond'

"Their psychedelic sounds and live electronics just have us hooked. Silvermouse create a sound that is not only refreshing but also amazing."
- The Music Asylum
"A truly heady livetronica experience. The duo ... venture through a stimulating 73 minutes of atmospheric aesthetical intrigue on the riveting album, spanning from spacey electronic contemplation ... to pulsing, guitar-touched industrial infectiousness..."
- Obscure Sound
"Built on an abstract yet relatable stream of sonic goodness, the album blends the last 50 years of music history into a fresh and innovative package, fusing electronica and live instruments with charm and intensity."
- Mesmerized
"You need to feel as much as hear each sound emanated. You only find magic like this in special works such as these."
- Roadie Music
"...from the first seconds, we are completely “abducted” into an unprecedented sensory journey, filled with unleashed power and emanated force!"
- Music for All
"[Silvermouse] show their ingenuity and creativity by breaking conventional molds to establish contact with our own being. The frequency and resonance of this album is perfect for those creatives looking for distinctive experiences without an apparent focus"
- End Sessions
"The unpredictability of the music adds an element of spontaneity, transporting the listener to uncharted territories of sound. As the sonic journey progresses, each track offers a unique landscape of sound, seamlessly transitioning from one dimension to another."
- Illustrate Magazine
"The compositions are in a state of constant fluidity, breaking in and out of formlessness, evolving, and transcending. It lapses time and space to imagine a new plane of motion, measurement, and comprehension."
- Good Music Radar
"An instrumental album that plays in fractals of form and derives melodies from genres across the globe. The final sound is as alien to us as it is fantastic; arriving in droves, line after line of colourful sound find a home next to our alighted souls."
- TJPL News
"Starting off as an ascension into the slowly moving cosmic landscape, “Beyond” introduces a sense of wonder and connection..."
- Less Than 1000 Followers