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…Off-Kilter beats and psychedelia… that will keep you guessing…
wondering how music can be this good and why you didn’t know about silvermouse sooner.

Alex De Vore, Santa Fe Reporter

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Ecstatic Dance at Taller Liberta

Taller Libertá Calle Pablo Casals #66, Mayaguez

Noche para que explores tu cuerpo y bailes libremente🦋 Si estás jartx de escuchar más de lo mismo en la calle y de no tener espacios para bailar te traemos un propuesta Tendremos una noche mágica trascendental en @taller.liberta el sábado 29 de febrero🔥 Guatú, el DJ más exótico del oeste junto con Silvermouse, dúo […]


Gathering de las Tribus Psicodélicas

Taller Libertá Calle Pablo Casals #66, Mayaguez

DJ Guatú, Silvermouse, y Bomba es la Que Hayat Taller Libertá, Mayagüez Come and celebrate the light in a gathering of the psychedelic tribes of Boriken. A night of music, revelry and dance, free movement and self-expression: ...*Bomba es la que hay!*... ..then a DJ set from the magical and playful DJ Guatu ...FIRE DANCE […]

Coyote’s Den

Three Sided Whole The Middle of Nowhere, Rio Rancho

To celebrate the Fall Solstice - Coyote and Dr. Blue are hosting Coyotes Den: A Trickster Ball:  Masquerade Celebration the 3rd weekend in September; September 20th through the 22nd at 3 Sided Whole ranch! Burningman conditions: we create everything on-site and leave no trace! Fire art, drum totem ceremonies and more. This will be immense fun […]

These are some righteous guys… outrageously cool…. I dig their philosophy and respect the proficiency with which they make their music.The Grouchy Gaijin

Spacey, exotic musical flavors. If the music finds your groove; the psychedelic, trance-inducing sound will have you dancing.

Mike Spain

CWs Place

A folky middle-eastern techno blend… a brilliant double act… trippy whirlwind.

Anastasia Aboim

It reminded me of why I dance all night, meeting strangers without words, without ego, letting the euphoric electronic sounds control my emotions.

Eddie Bammeke - Producer UK