It’s been a great couple of weeks on the West Coast, and we just wanted to send out an update and share some of the love with you guys before we head home. We left a couple of weeks ago, and played out first gig in Joshua Tree at Ricochet – they have a great back yard space and really know how to transform it for a show! It was a hot drive out – here is a little picture we took of Stella right before we got into town (click to see an expanded version):

From there we headed down to the border to Telemagica, a very cool little festival in the desert town of Jacumba.  After an epic day where little Ziggy got his first real cut and had to get rushed to get a couple stitches on his shoulder, we didn’t want to be far from him so we set him up in a little house under the computer setup.  Well, not to be held down by a little cut he came out, danced around the stage, grabbed Justin’s violin bow and directed the audience with it, and then in the middle of “Win Some Lose Some” walked up and grabbed the mic to do some singing.  The crowd went wild – and now you can enjoy his singing debut as well:


Then we headed north with a little stop by our old stomping grounds in Venice Beach and landed in Los Gatos, just south of San Francisco at Soulfire – the South Bay’s official Burning Man Precompression festival.  We got a good recording of part of the set there which you can listen to, share, and even download:


We wrapped up the tour at the official San Francisco Burningman Precompression event at the Public Works.  This was an absolutely fantastic show.  We had a tight setup schedule and didn’t get our recording gear up and in place, but we took a couple short videos on a phone from stage – they are below for your enjoyment and to catch the vibe of the night.  If you are in San Francisco next year around this time I’d say this is a night not to miss!

Stella, the faithful bus, gave us a bit of a scare by completely ceasing to shift gears. Transmissions on an old bus like that run right up around $20,000! We took her to the doctor and had to get a hotel in San Francisco, but in the end she is fine (a bit of rubber stuck in a valve) and it was just her way of giving Jo a happy relaxed birthday off the road in the comfort of Hotel Metropolis.

We hit the road tomorrow for the journey home. Can’t wait to see all our new West Coast friends next time we come out this direction!