Silvermouse in the Press

“These are some righteous guys….well produced and very well executed…outrageously cool. The ripping guitar in [Pear Tree] for example or the violin in [Surge] both really got and kept my attention. At times I’m reminded of Iggy Pop. I hear that kind of creative weirdness in Space Country. All of a sudden there is a “BOOM” that just sounds cool as hell and you think “Where did THAT come from?” I admire their creativity. I dig their philosophy and respect the proficiency with which they make their music.”
– The Grouchy Gaijin

“Trance music is normally more appropriate in club and with a little alcohol in the system rather than listening to it at home. This rule is about to be broken with Silvermouse’s Space Country LP. [It is] a folky middle-eastern techno blend… Surge develops Eastern-classical melodies with Handley picking up the violin and Miss Jojo adding the drum machine and the retro record scratches. Adding a mystical flute in Sunshine shows them getting their bearings
…a brilliant double act…trippy whirlwind…
– Anastasia Aboim,

“Amazing guitar lines combined with a sense for rhythm and beats weave into a cohesive journey for the listener.”

Silvermouse’s sound is somewhere in between trance and freestyle psychedelic rock. The sonic space they create is rather impressive for just two people. Space Country is an approximately eighty-four minute long mindfuck of an album. Silvermouse hits a real groove, and their composition really begins to show itself. Space Country sounds like an album that would be best heard live, with big speakers, a large crowd of people, and plenty of psychedelics.
– Anthony Gonzalez, In Your Speakers

“Silvermouse is the music version of contemporary art, and Space Country is just another bizarre masterpiece…a unique sound that can barely be described until you listen. Many of the songs in this album are like mixing hot and cold water, the sounds are quite opposite but together they create a neutral state of awesome.

Space Country is definitely something I’ve never heard before, with its transcendental aura and intriguing sounds, the music will transport you to another realm of glowing tropical flowers, metallic walls and gypsy fairies. If you want to expand your musical palate and delve into a new level of hipster, listen to this.”-
– Camila Acosta Audio Arsenal Magazine

“Spacey, exotic musical flavors. If the music finds your groove the exotic, psychedelic, trance inducing sounds will have you dancing.”
– Mike Spain, CW’s Place

“They deliver a spacious and intoxicating instrumental ambience… a sound that resonates of The Indian Sub-Continent, Ibiza and Haydn… These two have combined their polar influences though dexterous improvisation and hone it to a sound that naturally feeds in to the cortex, taking over the head, that marks Silvermouse as a band well worth time getting to know.”
– Tim, Indie Bands Blog

“[Silvermouse] utilizes off-kilter beats and psychedelia to produce highly danceable music that will keep you guessing… you’ll feel like you know these songs in what can only be described as a primitive and evolutionarily ingrained sense of rhythm and beats…you’ll be humming the group’s tunes for days, wondering how music can be this good and why you didn’t know about Silvermouse sooner.”
– Alex De Vore, Santa Fe Reporter

“It reminded me of why I dance all night, meeting strangers without words, without ego, letting the euphoric electronic sounds control my emotions, and how live electronic sounds bring me back to earth. You do it with style. Silvermouse are Earth Trance.”
– Eddie Bammeke, Techno / Trance Producer, London, UK

“It’s fun to listen to, but to see [Silvermouse] live is just a treat!”
– Nancy Laflin, New Mexico Music Commission

“There’s something about the guitar sound – I love this stuff!”
– Lucio Urbano, KUNM

“Infectious and intriguing… There is an up surge in this genre, and Silvermouse is obviously on the forefront of it. You can hear the innovative new wave sound with deep interpretation of the world around them.”
– Paul Ruth, The Independent Music Scene

“Silvermouse is much more than a run-of-the-mill electronic group. The instrumentals take it to a new height of creativity and fun. A+.”
– Alex Devore, The Santa Fe Reporter

“Anyone who likes to dance should make a trip and check them out.”
– Charlotte Jusinski,