We have a few great things to announce that we’re super stoked about right now.

The first news is that we have just signed a one year contract with a booking agency, Bandwidth. Check out the homepage and the artists’ page and you’ll see us there! We are really looking forward to the next season’s touring schedules, especially now that we are working with a team, so we can focus less on communicating with venues and more on what we love – music… (as well as getting our merch in order). Tours will be announced in due course.

The second thing is the July release of our single, Ziggy and Me. It’s the first release from our second album cycle, ‘Space Country’. The single is a slice of history. It’s a cut from what Silvermouse is all about – freestyle, live performance of our own original material. Taken from a show in Seattle last fall, Ziggy and Me is a one off. And it only costs 99 cents! You can buy it from cdbaby.

Right now, we are hiding out in the UK, chilling with old friends and family, taking it easy between desert stints and tours. In a week we’ll be off and back to the desert, fitting a bathroom in our tour bus, gathering awesome gifts and supplies for a week in Black Rock City, working on some new material, and then off to Burning Man for a week of mayhem and delights and a gorgeous chance to share the spirit of Silvermouse with all manner of lovely lunatics and lascivious lushes. Woof, get in.

We’re filling up our schedule for the Burn and details will be posted to our tour page. We’ll stay in touch.

Hope you are enjoying the summer, the scorching sun, choking humidity or torrential rain, depending on where you happen to be!

Blessings, transformation, love, peace and grace in the process…